Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LearnLode: New Project, new direction.

I'm presently starting a new venture, an online learning platform called LearnLode. The blog here will continue to be quiet for a while as I focus on that, but it won't be completely silent, as the underlying question - what kind of higher education my children will have in the 2020's and beyond, remains valid and compelling. If I have something on my mind no one else is saying, I'll make the time to post here.

While I've been writing for this blog, and working on other projects in the space, I've had the opportunity to think deeply about what online learning looks like, reading widely and looking at all sorts of different platforms and models. I got a sense of how I thought online learning should work, and how I believe it will work by the end of the decade, but I found nothing like that online today. No business or platform today offers what's going to be needed in 2020 and beyond as the ecosystem develops.

So we're going to build it ourselves. I was fortunate to be in a time and a place where I could commit the time and energy for starting a new venture, and where I could find a co-founder with the passion and energy to help make it real, and to live in a place that is a strongly supportive of technology start ups. We're deep in design and development now, and in time, we'll move to a closed beta so you can see what we're up to. In the meantime, we're on twitter @learnlode, there's a Facebook page and a Tumblr. Keep an eye on us, we've got big plans.

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